Friday, May 6, 2011

Black Berry Fever in KSA. Arabia has developed a craze for Black Berry these days. The Black Berry is listed as one of those gadgets which every youngster wants. I don't know about rest of the Arab countries, but in KSA Saudi's have developed the BB fever just because of the Black Berry Messenger.

The funny part is that Saudi's hang their BB's on their necks using colorful straps and covers every-time even on formal events which looks kind of indecent. Being so obsessed with their BB's, guys print their BB pins on their cars and bikes and on the other hand girls hang it on their Hand Bags, waiting for someone to hit on them. Visit any mall or coffee shop; you don't hear anything but you will for sure hear the "Ti-ding" BBM tone.

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Even in Religious places like mosques where everyone is busy silently worshiping, you are going to hear that "Ti-ding" for sure. 
The other day I was praying in the Masjid and a Saudi guy (Shabaab) was praying next to me. Later during the prayer I hear his BB ring-"Ti-ding". Then he removes his cell phone and starts typing a big long reply text, during the prayer which was hard to believe. Seeing him; anyone would be shocked.

By the above incident you can make sure how obsessed Saudi's are with their Black Berry's. Like it or not the only feature I love about the BB is the BBM itself. It really has a positive side too, I have seen large Business Corporations use it to promote their business and provide customer services.

Next time don't forget to switch your BB to silent mode in a mosque.

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